A GT3R, At Sebring, In March

March 18th, 2019


“It’s the right car, the right place, and the right month. Just need to be a week later!” Elliott reaching closer to his goal of competing at the top step of GT motorsport by contesting multiple events inside of GT3 machinery in 2019. He will be competing alongside Rob Blake in a 2018 Porsche 911 GT3R, starting off at Sebring. “It’s such a remarkable place and just truly awesome in a car like this. The aero, the brakes, everything about it is just next level, truly addicting!” Elliott would clock in the fastest laps of anyone over the weekend, and would go on to lead overall in the weekend’s endurance race, only to be beat by a prototype in the final minutes. “IT was a truly special weekend for me and the start of fantastic things to come, I can’t thank Rob and everyone at Orbit enough for their work and what they’ve done to make this happen.”

The Main Event: 2018 Edition

November 22nd, 2018


For the final round of the 2018 Global Time Attack season, Elliott was back at Super Lap Battle to again fight for the crown in class and overall. “ It’s been a fantastic year with the Savvy team, and I hope we can cap it off with the result it deserves!” said Elliott. The team would help propel him to again, another class win and third place overall. “I’ve had a blast with everyone at Savvy and Oloi. SP have done a great job on the logistical support and have been fantastic. Onwards to an even better 2019!”

Riding Lightning

June 18th, 2018


“Fast and Flowing!” For the next event in the Global Time Attack season, Elliott headed to New Jersey to compete in the Savvy 911 Cup one again. Here they would lead a charge and continue the work on the development of the car. “The Savvy crew continues to roll out fantastic packages to each event, and this is no exception!” Elliott would again lead the team to an Overall Victory and keeping the class victory streak alive.

Setting Records in Atlanta

May 17th, 2018


“What a combo! Super happy of the performance this weekend and a bit sad I’m not taking Turn 1 any more times today!” Elliott’s thoughts after finishing up another record setting weekend at Global Time Attack in the Savvy 911 Cup Car. Through the weekend, he would consistently improve on the times and more development was done from the Savvy Support Team. “Turn 1 is addicting, we keep pushing the boundaries and I’m so happy to see the progress in such a short window here!” He would end the weekend second overall and well in control of his class.

The Big Porsche Event, the Bigger Upset!

April 23rd, 2018


“What an amazing weekend at such a fun event, with a cherry on top!” That is how Elliott would recap the 2018 California Festival of Speed. Returning with Savvy and SP Motorsport, he would be running the Time Attack spec 911 Cup car in the Enduro on Saturday. With Chasen Garcias starting the race and running competitively, Elliott would get into the car with the luck of a well timed yellow, and gain the lead. “All that was left to do was put in some of the quickest laps I could in hopes of holding off the faster cars!” And that he would, taking home the overall victory in an upset against much faster machinery.

New Challenges, New Opportunities, Same Home Track.

November 9th, 2017


“A new type of challenge, something I’m taking with the best foot forward”, Elliott describing the opportunity to compete in Super Lap Battle. The leading time attack event in North America.

He would be running in a 2016 911 GT3 Cup car, modified beyond standard Porsche-spec racing standards. “It’s fun to be working with Savvy and seeing just what we can develop and change to maximize the aero of the car, and see how we can apply that to the street cars as well”. Elliott would end up second overall and dominating his class at the end of the two days. “It’s a fantastic result, especially considering we had to work into the night to make everything correct for the final run. Super happy and proud of all the guys here at SP Motorsports and Savvy”.

High Speeds Slides Through Canada

July 12th, 2016


“Stupid fast, super scary, serious fun”, that is Mosport described by Elliott. As the Contintal Tire Sportscar Challenge rolled into Canada, the whole Rebel Rock Racing team couldn’t wait to get on track. Robin and Elliott would do the bulk of the work on the car through the weekend and were feeling confident about the upcoming race. But as Skeer was leaving the pits running inside the top ten, he was informed of a drive through due to a pit infraction. The lack of yellows after the penalty resulted in a result below the performance shown. “It’s disappointing, getting into a fast car and instantly being out of contention, but that’s racing.” said Skeer, “It’s still my favorite track, I had good fun this weekend and can’t wait to be back here as soon as possible!

Sweeping Corners of Watkins Glen

July 6th, 2016


The fourth event of the 2016 Continental Tire Sportscar Challenge would be a weekend of change for Elliott Skeer. Now competeting as the lead driver in the second Rebel Rock Racing Porsche Cayman, Elliott’s job was to bring home the best result possible. The weekend would begin with a rough start for Skeer and his new co-driver Sam Adams, as the Cayman would need numerous tweaks to become competitive. “We unloaded a bit off pace, but I feel it’ll be there come Saturday afternoon” said Skeer. Sam would bring the car to the pitstop just outside the top ten, but late race issues would push Elliott to an 11th place finish. “It was a rough day, just didn’t have the speed and the last laps were well off pace, but progress is to be made before Mosport!”

The Rough and Tumble of the Corkscrew

May 2nd, 2016


The only West Coast stop of the 2016 Continental Tire SPortscar Challenge would be one to forget for Elliott Skeer and the Rebel Rock Racing Team. The weekend’s early sessions would  show signs of pace for the number eight car, but yechnical issues would limit the track time allowing for optimisation. Qualifying duties would be completed by Robin Liddel, resulting in a fifth place starting position. “The car has improved over the weekend and I now feel we are in a good spot to fight in” Skeer said before the race. The Two anda half hour race would not be one to remember as the car had to retire only fifteen minutes in, with a mechanical issue. “This has not been our strongest weekend, but we have learned where we need to improve, and Rebel Rock will come out swinging at Watkins!”

Bumpy Weekend at Sebring

March 20th, 2016


Sebring is known for being as or more bumpy than most street circuits, this would also ring true for the Rebel Rock Racing Team’s weekend at the central Florida track. Elliott would qualify with the second fastest time, but would have to start 28th due to a technical infraction on the car. “It’s a real shame as that was the first time our Porsche Cayman has shined this weekend. But I am confident for the race and feel the Rebel Rock racing team can get us back up front!” said Skeer. The race would be a proving point for Elliott, driving from dead last to third within the first 15 minutes of the event. Skeer would quickly take control of the team’s GS class 911 until the finish, driving more minutes than any driver in the event. Later in the race, the ST classed Cayman would develop an issue, hindering performance. Robin Liddell would bring home the Cayman in 15th. “It’s not the result we are looking for, but we have identified the weakness and know where to improve come Laguna!”

Skeer Grabs Pole and Podium Finish in CTSC Opener

February 2nd, 2016


Elliott Skeer enters the 2016 season with a dominating performance in the BMW Performance 200 at Daytona International Speedway. Skeer, who has signed a partial season deal to compete in the CTSCC ST class with Rebel Rock Racing, went on to capture pole by six tenths of a second in a wet qualifying. “The car was incredible” said Elliott. “The Cayman is such a balanced platform that it really stands out in the wet, it’s only fitting that a Porsche would be the best in bad conditions.” The race would continue the strong weekend as Elliott would lead from the start and would pit, handing off to co-driver Robin Liddell, in the lead. “I was very happy with the car’s race pace and the whole Rebel Rock crew for the fast stop. Having Robin finish the race is a great feeling, if anyone can bring it home, he can.” said Elliott. Liddell would finish in third after a dramatic last ten minutes. Their next event will be at Sebring, March 18th.

Skeer Competes for Junior Factory Seat

October 6th, 2015

After completing a championship winning season in the 2015 IMSA GT3 Cup, Elliott Skeer boarded a plane to Germany to compete in the Porsche International Cup Shootout and a chance to become a Porsche Junior Factory Driver. “It has been such a wild two weeks and I have not had the time to really sit and think about it all.” said Skeer. The two day event held at Eurospeedway Lausitz would test nine different Carrera Cup drivers from around the world in a number of both on and off track challenges. “I am very happy with my performance in the event and I’m leaving with my head held high!”

Elliott Skeer is the Champion

September 27th, 2015

Elliott Skeer has claimed the 2015 IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Championship in his rookie year with a dominant victory in the first race of the weekend at Laguna Seca. The weekend would be something special for Elliott as the Rennsport Reunion holds a special interest to him as well. “What a weekend this has been!” said Skeer “Everything about this weekend has been perfect, from starting at all these beautiful machines between sessions to the double pole and flag to flag victory, it has been perfect!” Elliott’s weekend would be a dominant one by securing a double pole by .5sec, and backing that up with a dominant flag-to-flag victory by over five seconds. “I really can’t thank everyone enough for this season, it has been such a wild ride and I am so happy for it to end like this! I must thank Porsche Motorsport North America for their scholarship to get me into the series, John Wright and Wright Motorsports for taking me under his wing this season, Town Porsche and DirtFish for their support, Fred Chin for his selflessness in getting me to this point, and my father for being my sidekick for this wild ride of a career!”

Double Podium in the Lone Star State

September 20th, 2015

Elliott Skeer has scored a second and a third place result after a hot and wild weekend at Circuit of the America. The penultimate weekend of the championship would prove to be a strong showing for Skeer, who advanced his point lead from 19 to 25. “It was an insane weekend” said Elliott. “Only getting four laps of practice was tough, but the whole team helped me be ready for the races, and that’s what really counts.” Skeer would go on to finish second in the first race of the weekend. “It was a crazy race, Angel’s checkup under yellow sent me into Jesse, which caused a leaking radiator all race, I’m just grateful that it survived the distance!” The second race of the weekend was under the lights, with Elliott putting pressure on Lazarre through the race. “Jesse drove well, I tried to shake him but he stayed strong.” Skeer said. The last two races of the season will take place the next weekend at the Rennsport Reunion at Laguna Seca.

Consistency Pays Off at VIR

August 25th, 2015

Elliott Skeer would enter the only triple-header weekend of the season a mere three points out of the championship lead, but would exit 19 points ahead. This was the result of a victory and two second place finishes over the three events. “I’m just so happy with how the weekend progressed. The team did an amazing job from the get-go and we were ready to attack this weekend!” said Elliott. The largest points gain of the weekend would be at the beginning of the first race, as teammate Kasey Kuhlman and championship rival Jesse Lazare were out before turn one. Elliott would go on to win the first race of the weekend. Race two would see Elliott finish second, behind Angel Benitez. He would also finish second in the third race of the weekend, this time behind Jesse Lazare. “It was a weekend of consistency, I am very happy with the results and for having this lead in the championship! Time to push through COTA and Laguna and see if I can keep the lead!”

A Comeback Story in Elkhart Lake

August 13th, 2015

Elliott Skeer entered rounds nine and ten of the IMSA GT3 Cup Championship with a seven point lead, but would leave calling it a success to only be three points behind. “It was a crazy weekend with a lot of learning experiences.” said Skeer. The weekend would open up with a strong qualifying that resulted in another pole position and a second. Shortly after qualifying, Elliott’s car would be disqualified for being severely underweight. “I just don’t understand how this could happen, we scaled the cars the night before and they were set. The circumstances are a shock and a shame, but there is nothing I can do now except push!” Elliott said. He would start the first weekend in 24th position, by the end of the 45 minutes, he would be standing on the podium in third position. The second race would be less eventful as his race laptime would have him starting sixth, and he would gain two positions to finish fourth. “It was a hard weekend with some unnecessary and disappointing circumstances. We will bounce back strong at VIR and continue to fight for the points lead!”

Skeer’s Perfect Weekend in Canada

July 14th, 2015

Elliott Skeer has regained the IMSA GT3 Cup points lead after a perfect weekend at Mosport, winning in flag to flag fashion in both races from pole. “It was physically a perfect weekend, I have never had a weekend like this before in my career, I’m in awe that it actually happened!” said Elliott. He would start the weekend’s success by claiming another double-pole in qualifying along with a new track record. Skeer now has recorded seven of the eight poles available this season. “Qualifying is huge in this series as it can be very hard to pass. I’m happy how qualifying has gone this season, that’s safe to say!” Elliott would lead the field into turn one of the first race and never look back. Angel Benitez would keep the pressure on with a consistent one second gap, but Elliott would hold strong and win the first race with a 1.7 second margin, and regain the points lead by a single point. The second race would be a carbon copy of the first, with Elliott leading every lap amid the pressure of Angel less than a second behind. He will now enter the next race weekend at Road America with a seven point lead. “It was a massive weekend for the team and myself. Confidence is at an all time high and I cant wait to get back in the car!”

Ups and Downs at a Wet Watkins Glen

June 28th, 2015

Elliott Skeer went into the doubleheader weekend at Watkins Glen with a four point lead in the championship. But after two tough races, he is leaving with a three point deficit. “It was a very hard weekend, with some amazing moments and some not so great moments.” Said Skeer. He would turn his first laps of the New York circuit only 25 hours before he would be qualifying on it. Elliott would go on to grab another set of pole positions for the upcoming races, besting second by two tenths, and being only three tenths off the lap record. “Qualifying went better than expected! I was hoping to be up near the front, but a double pole is a very positive start to the weekend.” Elliott said. He would go on to finish third in the first race after tough late race battles. The second race of the weekend would be in very wet conditions, and after an opening corner spin, Elliott would fight back to a 9th place finish after dropping to 22nd. “That was a race to learn from, I did not exictute the start as planned and was left with a damaged car and a mountain to climb. Racing has it’s ups and downs and this weekend proves that. I cant wait to get back on track in two weeks time at Mosport!”

Skeer Victorious in New Orleans

April 14, 2015


Elliott Skeer took home the top prize for round three of the 2015 IMSA GT3 Cup season, going flag to flag and winning by two seconds. After taking a double pole in the wet qualifying session, Elliott got out to an early lead and managed the gap through the race. “It was a very solid run and the Wright Motorsports 911 was perfect through the whole race. I can not be any happier with the result!” said Elliott. The second scheduled race of the weekend was cancelled due to rain. Elliott is now leading the points charge going into a two month break before rounds four and five at Watkins Glen. “This weekend was one to remember, winning in a Porsche is special to me, and I hope for many more to come in the future. But now is the time to put my head down and focus on getting the maximum out of this season.”

Elliott Finishes with a Double Podium on Debut in the IMSA GT3 Cup

March 23, 2015

2015 pics (2)

Elliott Skeer begins his IMSA GT3 Cup championship campaign debut by taking two 2nd place finishes at Sebring International Raceway. “It was my first weekend in the Porsche 991 and my first weekend with Wright Motorsports. I had a lot to learn going into this weekend and had realistic goals for the event. I do feel I exceeded my expectations and I am very happy with the outcome, the car is spotless and good points are on the board.” said Skeer. Elliott would set a new qualifying lap record en route to pole position for the first race and a second place starting sport for the second race of the weekend. Elliott would finish the first race of the season a mere tow seconds behind the winner, but would fight until the last corner of the last lap in the second event. “There were a couple close calls on the last lap of race two, I had a shot to lead but aborted when I realized it would lead to contact. I feel I did show I am here to race and to win, and I cant wait to race in the third and fourth rounds of the championship in two weeks time!”

Elliott Skeer to Race in 2015 IMSA GT3 Cup With Wright Motorsport

March 11, 2015

insta release

Elliott Skeer has announced that he will be competing in the 2015 IMSA GT3 Cup presented by Yokohama Tire. The 20 year old has secured a seat with GT3 Cup standout team Wright Motorsports for the season. “I am so grateful and humbled by all of the help I have received to compete in this series, It has been both a goal and a dream to race Porsches competitively, and I can’t wait to start the season!”.

More information on his 2015 season can be seen here:

Skeer Competes in Porsche Young Driver Academy


October 22, 2014

Elliott Skeer competed in the Third Edition of the Porsche Young Driver Academy. This two day program at Barber Motorsports Park tests 5 Porsche racing drivers on their abilities both in and out of the racecar. Held in front of Porsche Motorsport North America, the participants were looking to impress for a chance at a scholarship to help fund a 2015 season racing a Porsche. Elliott had a successful event and showed maturity and composure off the track, as well as consistent pace on the track.

More information on the event can be seen Here